Rudraksha Maha Prasadam Kit

Rudraksha Maha Prasadam


Monday or any auspicious day is the ultimate day to initiate the blessings of Shiva, where your rudraksha bead or bracelet or armband or mala becomes rudraksha Maha Prasadam.

There are several Divine days in any year, and every month has a Masa Shivaratri, being the day of Lord Shiva, in the process of the eternal cycle of creation, preservation, and destruction, the purest day in any year, for each of us to embark on a divine, soul-searching, enlightening journey, and to revisit our path in life.  What can be a better day than Monday to receive Shiva’s blessings in the form of Rudraksha, Rudra’s own eyes!

In addition to the divine blessings of Shiva, a Rudraksha bestows chakra healing benefits, health benefits, and all Rudraksha (there are 14 main varieties called Mukhis – depending on the number of faces) provide protection from malefic effects of planetary positions, and if you were to wear Rudraksha Maha Prasadam according to your zodiac sign, its power multiplies manifold. 

Please check here to know your rudraksha.

Rudraksha becomes your shield, blessing, healer and a companion in your success and a divine journey.  Everyone needs to experience the power of Rudraksha.

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