Various vidhis and certain precautionary methods are given as information to guide the wearer of Rudraksha beads to lead DIVINE life. The common myths surrounding Rudraksha are given below.

 What are Rudrakshas? Are they still available?

Rudraksha is a seed that is used for prayer in Hinduism. It is considered as a divine connection from god and nature to mankind. When they are ripe, rudraksha seeds are covered by a blue outer fruit and are sometimes called blueberry beads. Elaeocarpus ganitrus is the scientific name of Rudraksha Tree. The seeds are associated with Lord Shiva and are commonly worn for protection and for chanting mantras.

 What is the speciality of Rudraksha bead?

Rudraksha meaning-the eye of Rudra (Shiva) is considered to be the most potent manifestation of the Cosmic Force. Hence Rudraksha is the object of the source to reach the higher self. The Rudraksha is slowly but surely making its way into the lives of the health conscious human beings. Some researchers say that "I have found that Rudraksha helps relieve blood pressure and lessens stress. Soak it in a glass of water overnight and drink it the next day to relieve stomach disorders". Ancient medical texts claim that the Rudraksha can prevent aging and can prolong life. The beads are supposed to be anti paralysis and can help balance the vital chakras of the human body that control bile, wind and phlegm. It also has the power to heal those suffering from hypertension and heart ailments. Besides, as it is completely without any side effects it cannot do any harm. The persons wishing devotion and salvation should wear it after purifying themselves. It removes their numerous pains, sorrows, and calamities.

 Can all people wear a Rudraksha bead?

Everyone can wear a Rudraksha, irrespective of gender, cultural, ethnic, geographical or religious background. They are intended for persons at any stage in life irrespective of mental and physical condition. It can be worn by children, students, the elderly and ill for many benefits. Wearing rudraksha is a matter of faith and willingness.

 In what way can Rudraksha control Blood Pressure?

In a normal lifetime, the circuit in our body works perfectly but a stressful lifestyle and environment plays havoc on its flow. This disturbance leads a person to various illnesses. Rudraksha beads help resolve these problems by stabilizing our body and having a calming effect on our heart and senses. The Rudraksha exerts a right force around the heart which improves its performance, controls the heartbeat and maintains the blood circulation. It prevents heart attacks and high blood pressure. Rudraksha beads act like a magnet due to its property of Dynamic Polarity. It clears all the interferences and blockages in our body circuit like closed/ blocked arteries and veins due to its magnetic effect and makes the blood flow in our body smooth. It removes any kind of waste, pain and illness from the body and hence has an anti-ageing effect.

 Are Rudraksha beads used only for meditation?

Concentration, peace of mind, focus and tranquility are experienced by the wearer of rudraksha beads. So it is not only highly conducive for meditative practices but also for professionals of many fields. Everyone wants to reach success and Success requires high levels of focus, concentration and capacity to keep calm during stress. According to the ancient Vedic scriptures, Rudraksha Beads were formed from the tears (Aksha) of Lord Shiva (Rudra). They have always been used by Yogi's, Saints, Sages for balancing the mind, emotions and creating the right environment for meditation and peaceful actions to bring about the desired goals in life. Overall Rudraksha seeds are known to assist in meditation, stress relief, healing the body and engendering positive changes.

 Can a person wear the combination of different mukhis?

As per ancient Puranas, each mukhi is ruled by a specific God. People can wear different combinations of Rudraksha. One bead may be worn with different mukhis or multiple beads of the same mukhi as malas or bracelets. Various studies have been done to identify the electromagnetic properties of the beads that help to improve our life.

 Is it possible to test the genuinity(link) of Rudraksha?

The lab testing of Rudraksha is the only way to test the genuinity of the bead without cutting or damaging it. The X-ray of this bead will show one how many internal seeds are covered within the faces of the Rudraksha.  Under the magnifying glass, cracks on the Rudraksha are clearly revealed. Dropping it in boiling water melts the glue used for sticking different rudrakshas to form higher Mukhi beads. The copper coin test or sinking beads test is not 100% accurate because a genuine Rudraksha can also float. The only assured way is to procure it from a ISO laboratory certified Source. 

 Can People interchange neck malas, Japa malas or Rudraksha beads?

One cannot interchange the rudraksha or Japa mala with anyone. The habit of interchanging neck mala, Japa mala or Rudraksha beads should be avoided. There will be a relationship between the wearer and the divine bead he/she is wearing. Once the Rudraksha worn by a wearer, it is very personal and must not be shared with anyone. The Rudraksha can only be willed and passed on to the next generation. 

 Can Ladies wear Ruraksha?

Women (at age of Period cycle) can use Rudraksha Mala during Meditation (Japa) as hand counting beads and mantra chanting beads but not to wear on the body for long duration during puberty age. Rudraksha can be worn by young girls (before puberty age to produce more energy for growing and increasing active energy), Rudraksha can also be worn by women after menopause (to boost women's old age vital energy).

 How does Rudraksha help during panic attacks?

Rudraksha helps us during panic attacks. One is relieved of nervousness, sudden state of shock, stress if the bead is held in the palm / fist. Place it in the right palm and hold tightly for at least 10 minutes. The body will start warming up and confidence will be regained. Rudraksha helps individuals with helplessness, extreme despair, stress, anxiety and depression of a person.

 Can we wear Rudraksha while consuming alcohol, during sleep?

Shiva Purana gives a list of what a devotee of Shiva shall avoid from eating. It includes meat, garlic, and liquor. It is advised to take the mala off and place it in your altar while eating non veg (as well as onion and garlic) and drinking alcohol. But there are many people who eat non veg and drink liquors. However again if a person starts to wear the Holy Ruraksha and chant mantras they have to expect that there is a chance their life will change for the better.

The sharper bead of Rudraksha will harm your skin and your body mass may also affect or injure the sharp edges of Rudraksha. So, the Rudraksha isn't recommended to wear while Sleeping. 

 How to identify suitable Rudraksha?

Many people get confused with the shape and size of the Rudraksha bead. You can Find your suitable Rudraksha (link to know your rudraksha) according to Rashi, Date of Birth, time of birth and place of birth for getting rid of your problems. You just need to ensure that the Mukhi is well-defined for you and the contours are natural and clearly visible. Rudraksha has a different mukhi and there are various mukhis of Rudrakshas available.


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