Maha Rudraksha Kit


Maha Rudraksha Kit consists of

  1. 5-Mukhi Rudraksha
  2. Vibhuti
  3. Thread approx 30 Meter

Product description:

5 mukhi rudraksha (from Nepal) symbolizes Kaalagni Rudra. It blesses wearer with prosperity and success in life and releases one from unwanted bonds, destroying evil around. Increases uniqueness and openness and wards off negativity.

Vibhuti/ sacred Ash (from Kashi Kestram) is a purifying ash that respesnts 'Anantha'. It has the ability to control the energy and direct it within a body. It demolishes sins and destroys evil around one, helps in attaining salvation.

Religious Red Sacred Thread Laal Silk Dhaga Approx 30 Meter.