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We procure the purese Gangajal, the water of the holiest of all rivers, Ganga, at its point of origin, Gangotri, in the womb of Himalayas, in Uttarakhand.

This holy and pure water is made available to all our customers untouched by hand throughout the process of packaging and shipping till it reaches you. Not only is hygiene maintained but all necessary precautions to taken the sanctity of the water is not spoilt in any manner, because we know how serious you take the religious rituals and oblations. Ganga water is used for several purposes from purification homes, ceremonies, regular poojas, and special rituals and havan, yagya, etc, as also for regular ritual consumption or home purification.

Our Gangajal is packed in a PET bottle, hermetically sealed to ensure it is shelf stable and the purity is maintained. The known benefits of Gangajal are that it aids in digestion and purifies the blood, adding essential micronutrients in the form of minerals, as also the spiritual bliss that the divine river provides us.

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