Shankas (conches) for Blowing

Shankas (conches) for Blowing

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The Shank/ Conch Shell, a sacred emblem of Vishnu Bhagwan, who is the cleanser of sins and gives fame, prosperity and good luck. It is one of the enduring symbols of Hindu Civilization from longtime and is the abode of the goddess of wealth, MahaLakshmi.
The shank is very closely associated with Vishnu and Lakshmi and is a symbol of water and female fertility. It is regularly used, even today in pooja rooms, rituals, aarti.

This Divine shell is found in the Indian ocean from a specific sea snail, and we ensure the best quality of them. Sourced and inspected to ensure that there are no structural anomalies and then processed to create Divine vibrations into your life.

There are two ways of the shank coils when we see it from the “head“ of the shank, one is clockwise orientation and other is anti-clockwise orientation. The clock-wise orientation of the spirals signifies Vishnu and his power of protection and the anti- clockwise signifies Lakshmi, the power of prosperity. These are called Dakshinavarta shank. The shank that has anti-clockwise orientation are very rare, and they represent the power of Shiva.

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