About Divine Therapy

Divine therapy is born of the need to find articles that not merely adorn our bodies and homes, but those that fill them with purpose, meaning, positive vibrations, happiness, and spiritual bliss, with the final goal of enhancing our life experience.  Divine therapy specializes in sourcing genuine articles with the finest craftsmanship, processed and packaged with care and a great attention to detail, because your homes, your pooja and rituals should be stress-free and filled with an elevating experience.


Krishnanj Digicorp is the parent organization for divinetherapy.in, which has been serving its customers for the past twenty years to utmost satisfaction in the areas of customized corporate gifting, antiques, idols, custom-made brass, bronze, pancha dhaathu and wood statues, religious events, and installations and precious stones.  Krishnanj boasts of a unique facility for customizing gifting articles across various media.


Combining their inimitable repertoire of services and a natural inclination towards Indian culture and traditions, Krishnanj Digicorp founders have decided to dedicate divinetherapy.in towards the satisfactory fulfillment of spiritual and religious needs of customers.