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Kubera mala/ Lucky mala  is a set of 3,4,7 Mukhi Rudraksha, shaligram beads. The rudrakshas, saligram beads (made from powder of pure ones) used in the mala are natural and Nepal ones, 5 mukhi rudraksha are small and Indonesian ones. Kubera mala is called as Lucky Mala which is sold in Indonesia, China, Nepal and are largely exported from Nepal. This mala is a combination of beads which have various specifications that act on all chakras and organs of the human body.

3,4,7 Mukhi rudraksha symbolizes Trideva (Brahma, Vishnu, Nageswara) and Agni, God of Fire; God Brahma and Brihaspati, God of Devas; Mahalaxmi, Goddess of wealth, prosperity, fortune respectively. The 5 Mukhi rudraksha symbolizes Lord Shiva as Kaalagni Rudra and his wife Mata Parvati; and Saligram symbolizes Lord Vishnu. The wearer will be blessed by all the above Gods and Goddesses.

The wearer of Kubera mala will be poured with innumerable benefits. The wearer of Kubera mala gains good health as it deals with most of the health issues related to the digestive system, circulatory system, reproductive system, respiratory system. May make a person sin-free of past and present life by giving peace, soulfulness, mindfulness, and also by reducing problems related to business, reproductivity, harmony, relationships, miseries, satisfaction, misfortune. It might enhance intellect, optimism, wisdom, sense of uniqueness, creativity, love, prosperity, etc,

The great effect of Kubera mala is getting Consciousness, attaining salvation, and being blessed with happiness, success, and fame, good luck. It attributes in various ways in the walk of life.

In life, everyone wishes to have prosperity, happiness and satisfaction. To attain this, one can wear Kubera mala by following all the regular practices related to it for its better benefits.

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