5 Mukhi Big Pendant Rudraksha Mala
 5 Mukhi Big Pendant Rudraksha with White Metal

5 Mukhi Big Pendant Rudraksha Mala - PRM-05B

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As per Sastra,5 Mukhi Big Pendant Rudraksha is suitable for the Sagittarius & Pisces Zodiac sign.

5Mukhi Big Pendant Rudraksha is collected from Nepal is said to possess a magical ability to bestow prosperity and happiness on the wearer.  This is said to be the favorite of Lord Shiva and is considered to be the most auspicious among all the varieties of Rudraksha with multiple faces.  It is said that Jupiter is the concerned planet for this Rudraksha, and therefore, problems that arise owing to Jupiter's planet get automatically removed. Persons adorning it are said to attain happiness and prominence in society.  Health-wise, it is the best remedy for blood pressure, diabetes, stomach diseases, and the regulation of negative thoughts, thereby bestowing a balance to mental health.

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