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India celebrates sankranti makara sankranti sankranti 2022


How India celebrates Makar Sankranti :

  • Tamil Nādu, called as Pongal, four-day event. Celebrated to thank lord Indra, the king of all Gods. A sweet dish is made with rice, milk, jaggery in a pot. Rangoli plays a major part.
  • In Gujarat, it is Uttrayan, a harvest festival.
  • In Punjab, Lohri as its name and a harvest festival. A day before lohri is termed as Maghi. It is festival which gives tribute to sun god, fire god. Bhangra and Gidha are performed.
  • Assam and north-east India, magh or bhogali, one week of harvest festival. People construct a house and families gather together and celebrate the event for this day, and the next day these houses are burnt. Jonbeel mela is organized. Magh bigu is based on barter system. Thye celebrate it traditionally by organizing buffalo fighting game and pot breaking competitions.
  • In Kerala, Makaravilakku is celebrated and marked by Thiruvabharanam and also the Lord Ayyappan’s holy shrine of Sabarimala visits the temple. Aarthi is done in the temple, for which devotees wait the whole year.
  • In Bihar, Jharkhand and Uttar Pradesh, Khichdi Parva is celebrated by worshiping lord Surya. Khichdi is a dish made from rice and lentils, and it is donated to people on this eve. Some other donations are also given. Khichdi mela is also organized.
  • Gujarat and Rajasthan, celebrates Makar Sankranti as Vasi uttarayan by flying colorful kites and international kite festival is organized.
  • Andhra and Telangana, celebrated as Makar Sankranti and pray lord Surya, which is a three-day festival. There will be various Telugu foods done on this day- bobatullu, paramannam, pulihora, ariselu, etc… and the specialty is visiting of gangireddu to homes with its master. They do light bonfire, singing, dancing, wearing new clothes and offering traditional foods to ancestors.
  • In Maharashtra, it's termed as Pedha panduga.
  • In West Bengal, poush sankranti is celebrated. People dip at the shore of hoogly river, the point of Gangasagar. Aartis are performed in the fair to thank sun god. A rice sweet called pithey is made along with patisapta, dudh puli.
  • In Karnataka, cows and bulls are decorated and are left for grazing in the open   field and are shown as a symbol of harvest festival for the farmers.
  • Orissa, on auspicious occasion of Sankranti festival, a lot of people visit temples and perform ritual practices while fasting. They prepare Makar Chula (mixture of rice, banana, coconut, jaggery, rasagola) as an offering to gods and goddesses.
  • NEPAL, also celebrates Makar Sankranti as Maghe Sankranti as it marks the end of Poush-unlucky and inauspicious period.

Religious rituals followed on Makar Sankranti:

  • Before this day occurs, clean the house completely.
  • Decorate your home and temple place.
  • Try to take a dip in holy water.
  • At sunrise time, the puja should be done
  • Worship of food should be done.
  • Make different sweets and offer them to God.
  •  Donations for needy ones
  • Worshiping of gods for good health and wealth, especially the sun god.
  • Worship other gods and goddesses-lord Shani, Gayatri Devi, lord Vishnu and lord Shiva.
  • Give some sweets made of Jagger and sesame, which brings warmth and heat to body during celebrations.

Specials of Makar Sankranti - 2022:

A great event occurs every 12 years on Makar Sankranti day, KUMBH MELA. It is happening this year. On this day, some millions of people go to Prayag for holy bath and offers prayers to sun God. It’s termed as a Mass Pilgrimage of Belief. And this time, it's on high line for the nation to celebrate it, as it's on the verge of COVID-19. The measurements are being taken for controlling the huge crowd, and it’s going to be a great challenge to government. The best decision is there will be a live-streaming across social media.  


We celebrate this festival in different ways as per our customs. This holiest day should be celebrated in the most truthful way by worshiping, chanting, and praying the lords. And by getting blessings from lord Surya in the early mornings as he illuminates the world with his effulgence.  And as lord Surya is the follower of lord shri Krishna, the supreme god and creator of world. To attain salvation, one can chant his names. 

Hare Krishna Hare Krishna

Krishna Krishna Hare Hare

Hare Rama Hare Rama

Rama Rama Hare Hare

India, unity in diversity nation. The celebrations in the festival varies from one place to another, but the motive behind is the same, “Gathering our loved ones and family to get blessed together with happiness, success, health and wealth, positivity”.

We hope the rising sun radiate his rays to give you a healthy, happy, pleasant, prosperous and joyful life.


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