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    Do You Know, You Can Wear a Rudraksha Every day, Every time, Anywhere?

    Some science is here to answer. Go on…

    Can I wear a rudraksha every day? How can I wear a Rudraksha? That's a big deal, I have to be very spiritual after wearing Rudraksha?  so, I can't.

    There might be many other questions running deep down in your mind saying you are not a person who can wear a rudraksha. But that's a Big Myth and A Misconception. So, we, at divinetherapy, want to clear it off for all the doubted minds out there.

    Rudraksha is a sacred and precious thing that is present on the planet earth only for the welfare of mankind. Rudraksha has proven meditative benefits, spiritual benefits, mental benefits, and physical benefits and also helps in attaining salvation (as believed).

    Rudraksha can be worn on to you only after the proper pranprasthista Puja that energizes the rudraksha to benefit you, this is said because, everything in nature comes with lots of dust, so it has to be cleansed before use.

    There is a concept saying ladies should never wear a rudraksha. But there is no Shiva without shakti, which means there are no women without a man and there are no men without women. So, on this lane, every girl represents Mata Shakti, so why can't they wear a rudraksha? The answer is ' A big yes'. As Rudraksha is considered a sacred thing, a girl cannot wear it during the menstruation period, that's it.

    Some say that you can't wear rudraksha while sleeping. The only fact or reason behind this is, rudraksha is thorny in its structure. Thus, you can't sleep well because it might disturb your sleep while you move on the bed.

    Rudraksha benefits in many ways and some of them are proven by research.

    Rudraksha helps in the stabilization of the body by creating a calming effect on the mind, heart, and senses. It exerts a right force around the heart. This gradually improves the performance of heart functions thus controlling most heart-related diseases.

    Rudrakshas are found to have dielectric properties i.e., dynamic polarity. This effect clears off interferences and blockages in arteries and veins. The final benefit is smooth blood circulation all over the body. This helps in removing waste, pain and illness hence it shows an anti-ageing effect on the wearer. 

    These dielectric properties of rudraksha infuse one with a positive attitude. It helps in reducing anxiety and hypertension when a person is angry by storing and removing excess temperature released in the body. Eventually balancing the production of hormones by which we can observe the improved functioning of the nervous system.

    It might happen gradually but certainly, it will happen. We are not saying it out loud by just reading out some random texts. But it's our personal experience and observation. 

    After wearing a rudraksha, gradually the thoughts changed and my friend was on the right path to make the right decisions at the right time, thus acquiring success at everything my friend chose.

    By all the above effects, the personality shapes. The person becomes more confident, intelligent, patient, positive-minded, good behavior, etc.,

     One after the other, as time passes, a person improves within himself getting benefitted by wearing rudraksha mala.

    There are some certain rules which are to be followed as Rudraksha is an energy bounded item. They are--

    • During intercourse, one should never wear a rudraksha
    • Remove rudraksha while attending a funeral and going near a newly born baby as both are about rebirth and birth.
    • Never wear a broken rudraksha bead
    • Once you wear a rudraksha, they should never be exchanged.

    (If you can't remove it before attending the above or it happened all of sudden, then remove it after you get free. Once you bathe, wash, and clean the rudraksha. Then wear it while chanting the mantras of Shiva. If you just prefer to do.)

    For being a benefitted one, clean the rudraksha with oil every day after bathing and water the rudraksha while chanting the mantras.

    Simply, respect the rudraksha you wear, it will revert you with all the possible positive benefits to you.

    What we wanted to say is:

    • You can wear rudraksha every day without any doubt
    • Female and male, child and adult, everyone can wear it
    • Any rudraksha can be worn
    • A rudraksha with rudraksha beads strung into mala or a rudraksha as a pendent to silk, gold, or silver threads can be regularly used
    • Rudraksha bracelets can also be used 

    You can choose a regular rudraksha mala with beads strung with thread or only one rudraksha with thread.

    You can wear a rudraksha of your zodiac sign.

    There are different types of rudraksha malas available. You can choose from our Collections 

    Thank you

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